I often think about how the Marketing industry will be disrupted in the future, and what marketing businesses are potentially ripe to disrupt.

My thoughts are, that any marketing business that has significantly increased their prices above inflation, without any real increase in their work output – is fair game and should be prepared to be disrupted.

If a marketing agency is offering the same tired services, that were ‘hot’ or ‘on-trend’ 10 years ago – without any innovation – are they ripe for disruption? I think so.

Add to this, marketing agencies not actually delivering any real return on investment – but still sending that retainer or final invoice for the work? There are no real Service Level Agreements in place with many traditional marketing agencies.

Surely, this behaviour will become a thing of the past as we move forward?

Real transparency is starting to appear in full-service marketing agencies, that now offer a truly client-focused service, representing the best interest of customers at all times through data and results-driven marketing. Full transparency is coming through technological advances such as blockchain (specifically Ethereum Smart Contracts) that publish live data on decentralised networks.

Add to this valuable strategic advice that can generate better quality client outcomes, is truly the marketing industry future.

Are you ready for marketing disruption?

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash