Finisterre is a UK based Surf clothing brand, based in Cornwall. A brand I have followed and admired for their commitment to quality sourced materials for their well designed and durable garments, commitment to their people and the people creating their products and their appreciation of the natural environment.

So it was good to see that Finisterre has voluntarily committed to the B Corporation certification and passed with flying colours. B Corporation status is like having a shiny badge pinned to your merino jumper, that openly communicates with the world that you’re an all-round good egg.

In the words of Tom Kay (Finisterre Founder)

“…committed to using business as a force for good. To become B Corp certified, we have morally and legally committed to prioritising responsibility to the environment and society as well as all stakeholders, from our staff to the people that make our products. Together with a global community of likeminded B Corporations and with the support of our customers, we have the power to make a real difference”.

A force for good

A growing number of brands are striving to set themselves apart from others – by either going through the B Corporation certification process or having credible Social Responsibility Policies that ensure commercial entities can be a real force for good.

Ethically minded buying is also a growing market, with consumers worldwide seeking out those brands that they know are using their money to do good. It helps consumers communicate a message that the clothing they wear, the food they eat has been considered – to reflect their own ethics and morals.

And the B Corporation certification means those that are compliant have to set out a code of conduct that voluntarily holds themselves to higher levels of transparency. This ensures accountability from their customers.

Greater levels of transparency in business are increasingly becoming the norm. Accountability and honesty for brands will be driven by voluntary schemes such as B Corporation, and I would envisage through digital technologies such as Blockchain (specifically Ethereum) that will be a digital ledger of all transactions and contracts a business undertakes – visible in the public domain.

How transparent is your brand? Your values, your social responsibility policy?

What badge are you wearing on your fine Merino sweater?