Facebook has been facing a backlash over their apparent money-making activities surrounding fake news garnering high-traffic views based on misinformation and falsehoods, all culminating in a lot of ‘news’ and posts surrounding George Floyds death and American Police Brutality and Racism.

Brands that Boycott Facebook

But high-profile brands such as Patagonia, Ford, Diageo, Unilever, Starbucks and Adidas boycotting Facebook and its advertising platform to try and push the Social Media giant into doing more to filter and eliminate fake news.

Facebook has been actively trying to use tech to eliminate hate speech on its platform and has been embroiled in many a controversy involving fake news and businesses such as Cambridge Analytica using Facebook to help sway political votes in many countries.

But, this move by some of the worlds largest brands may be the incentive that Facebook needs to really look at this problem in more detail.

Facebook has long swerved the conversation about being a media broadcaster, always dodging that bullet and the responsibilities that come with being a media outlet.

Brands Doing Good

Patagonia are a brand that we have always respected, for its commitment to its people and the planet, as well as their pro-active campaigns around regenerative farming and this move, plays perfectly into their policy of being a good role model – but are some of these other brands using this as a positive PR exercise?

Possibly, but the worlds prominent brands now have the power to take it directly to Facebook (and other Social Media platforms), to ensure that their brands, their value, their message is not tainted by the negative aspects of Facebook.

How will Zuckerberg et al play this one?