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the cotswolds are home to some amazing crafters and creators. we want to help unearth, share and celebrate these people. some known, some not – but all sharing a common story. the creative process.

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we love the cotswolds

why the cotswolds?

we’re creative people who understand the struggle of the creative process. a graphic designer and an interior designer who run the

being new to the area we wanted to connect with likeminded creative folk in and around our village of Ebrington (just outside Chipping Campden).

we quickly discovered that Chipping Campden was or is the heart of the arts and craft movement, we didn’t realise how many local people still to this day are making wonderful things. so we asked ourselves, let’s start talking to these people, connecting and sharing all that they do.

and bare cotswolds was borne. a pet-project. an opportunity to collaborate.

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we want to build a community of creators & contributors. if you live work or play in the cotswolds, have a passion for art, craft, design and feel like you either have a story, or something to contribute to this project get in touch.

got a story?

you or a friend or colleague make something that you think is worthy of a story creating. get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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are you a wordsmith? a taker of great documentary photos? a video expert wanting to share your skills? get in touch!

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you love the cotswolds, love digging deeper to unearth your favourite crafters and artists and just keen to know more? get in touch.

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