Brands Boycott Facebook

Facebook has been facing a backlash over their apparent money-making activities surrounding fake news garnering high-traffic views based on misinformation and falsehoods, all culminating in a lot of ‘news’ and posts surrounding George Floyds death and American Police Brutality and Racism. Brands that Boycott Facebook But high-profile brands such as Patagonia, Ford, Diageo, Unilever, Starbucks… Continue reading Brands Boycott Facebook

The Third Industrial Revolution & The Smart Economy

Jeremy Rifkin is an American Economist & Social Theorist. The Chinese Government and the European Union have taken his advice to help grow their economies through creating a ‘Smart Economy’, using renewables, technology and internet of things to drastically reduce the cost of creating energy, logistics and communicating. Vice Impact have put together a documentary,… Continue reading The Third Industrial Revolution & The Smart Economy