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A logo drop on thefar-side of Coventry.

FarGo on Far Gosford Street in Coventry, is a former industrial space re-purposed as a creative retail village and hub for artists and creatives, with an eclectic mix of over 40 businesses, ranging from a craft brewery to a record store to a vegan cafe.

The brief

The developer wanted an identity that gave a nod to the former industrial nature of the space, something that was bold and would stand the test of time. Something that looked modern, would appeal to a younger, creative audience –while not alienating older audiences.

Baz smacked it out of the park. We wanted something cool, and that’s exactly what we got. People regularly ask us who created our brand. Hats off Baz.

Rachel Kelly
Village Manager | Mazing Limited

The results

The branding gave the client versatility and made a huge impact visually locally. The striking nature of the bespoke font has given FarGo a look that should last.