Blood Testing from Theranos. What happened, what goes wrong when a Brand Bullshits!

Brand Bullshit Backlash: The Rise and Fall of Theranos: Unraveling the Elizabeth Holmes Scandal

In an industry dominated by giants, Theranos Healthcare promised a revolution. Led by its charismatic founder, Elizabeth Holmes, the company vowed to transform blood testing with technology that sounded like science fiction. But beneath the facade lay a troubling reality: a web of deception poised to unravel.

Space Astronaut - a symbol of a mission that has a huge purpose and significance. Important when thinking about a Brand Mission

Creating a Lasting Brand Mission: Your Blueprint for Brand Success

Let's discuss something crucial for your brand's success, that many believe unnecessary – the Brand Mission.

Gemini AI and how it staged its Google Launch video

Brand Bullshit Backlash: The Staged Reality of Google’s Gemini AI Demo

In a surprising revelation, Google admitted to staging parts of its highly publicised Gemini AI demo.

Boats aligned moving forwards to symbolise a 'Shared Vision' for CQC Regulated businesses

Unlocking Success: The Power of Shared Vision in CQC-Regulated Businesses

In healthcare, where precision, care, and commitment are critical, having a shared vision is not just an asset; it's a necessity.