The strongest brands are those with purpose, born from a vision and values everyone in the business can fully get behind. We drive brands growth through developing truly meaningful strategy, story and identity.


We experience your products and services firsthand, navigate your operational landscapes, and engage directly with everyone from staff to top management.

Through product trials, customer journeys, day-in-a-life experiences, executive workshops, and employee surveys, we uncover the essence of your brand—its strengths and areas for improvement—equipping us to shape your distinct, resonant identity.

Our first step is often (when needed) to work with stakeholders on the overarching vision & values of your company. They so often provide real clarity of purpose and form the foundations for what you do & how you act.

For us they inform everything else, including brand strategy, architecture, narrative and the look and feel.

We understand the importance of a name that encapsulates your business identity and the potential it has to make a lasting impact. Our method involves deep-rooted research, creative exploration, and strategic alignment, ensuring a name that truly speaks to your brand essence.

Beyond that, we craft a comprehensive brand architecture that brings coherence to your brand portfolio, providing clarity and synergy between sub-brands, products, or services, ultimately strengthening your overall market presence.

This is where we turn the strategy into tangible reality.

We craft a cohesive brand identity, infusing your unique story and values into every visual and verbal element.

From developing a compelling visual identity to designing print, digital and motion collateral, website design systems, and brand guidelines, we ensure your brand communicates consistently – at every touchpoint.

We provide all the templates you need, paving the way for powerful, authentic customer and employee connections.


Strategy wins over tactics whether it’s an approach to market or marketing comms.  With a history in marketing, collaborations and partnerships, and in strategy and branded content, we can deliver both branded content strategy and ideation.

Firstly, knowing your target consumers deeply is fundamental to the most effective brand comms. And a close second is freedom of creativity, to touch the soul and make the spirit soar. 

We have a lot of experience in campaign ideation, generating powerful ideas that have grown the metrics of many a household brand, and the basis of all of these has been a robust strategy, outlining what we want to achieve, who we’re speaking to and how we might creatively do that. 

This provision normally follows a consultation and then delivers a document packed with inspiring ideas designed to make you proud to work for the company you do. 

On top of video we can orchestrate all other content formats required for a content calendar or content campaign. 

Our ideas are generally multi-platform, so content is optimised to excel across all relevant platforms. 

Sometimes production can get pricey, and we’re all too aware of the need to make every aspect feel like good value and effective marketing. 

It certainly has to suit budget, and as we deliver creativity as well as the content to articulate it in-house, we’re better at keeping costs down and delivering the highest quality end product. 

Some campaigns are best delivered by media partners, whilst others are born for social. 

Original ideas and getting the right people involved can make for very compelling campaigns, working cross-platform to resonate strongly with target audiences, and ultimately change behaviours and beliefs.   

Another provision that follows a consultation and then delivers a document of ideas, costed up for delivery.  We then broker the best value from any partners and audience owners who need to be involved.

People & Culture

Post-brand creation, Bare Studio assists in broadcasting your new identity and values to your team through Internal Communications.

We tailor messages that resonate with your staff, fostering a deep understanding of your brand.

Our aim is to ensure your values are embodied at every level, reinforcing your brand’s authenticity and strengthening your internal culture.

Our People Development service boosts team dynamics and personal growth.

We empower individuals with conflict resolution and influence skills, enhance understanding of business development, and offer executive coaching.

Our goal? To fuel better collaboration, foster strong company relations, pave the way for career advancement, and cultivate an environment of innovation and equality.

Together, we build more than just a team, we build a future.

Our Culture Development helps foster a deeper understanding of your brand among your team.

We help translate your brand values into everyday practices, ensuring your employees not only comprehend but also embody these principles.

By creating a shared culture, we empower your team to represent your business authentically and effectively, driving forward a unified and impactful brand experience.

Our Business Development service is tailored to your needs, focusing on strategy and pitch development

We also provide executive coaching, to help team member development and confidence.

Leveraging our expertise in partnerships, we create compelling pitches to help you win business. Whether through strategy workshops or individual sessions, we focus on specific challenges, crafting strategies and collateral that are persuasive and visually appealing.

We’re dedicated to fostering long-term business growth, equipping teams with bespoke pitch canvases, happy and skilled people and improved processes to boost your success rate in securing deals.

Our Work