Diving into a world of relaxation & flotation in busy central London.

In an increasingly noisy world where relaxation often takes a backseat, Floatworks provides a sanctuary of tranquillity in London.

Their flotation tank services offer an essential escape route from life’s hustle, inviting people to slow down, switch off and embrace a moment for themselves.

Floating has profound health benefits – from stress and pain reduction to improved sleep and heightened self-awareness. We were using the flotation tanks ourselves to recharge and got to know the owners well and wanted to help them tell more people about this powerful therapy.


Video still from the Floatworks Flotation Tank Videos Stories

The brief

Floatworks wanted us to create compelling video content that spotlights real customer experiences, illustrating the transformative power of floating and encouraging more people to step into this haven of calm and rejuvenation.

We talked to many customers and got them to share with us what makes Floatworks such a powerful experience so that Floatworks could build their social media content and growth.


Intro title to the Floatworks Video. Flotation Tank Video

The results

We created over 100 pieces of content, that helped build Floatworks content library on Social Media, it’s reach and its message to new audiences.